3D Character Artist


  • Specialized in next gen Creation from – base modeling, mapping sculpting, texturing
  • Low poly modeling game assets with efficient UV layout
  • Digital sculpting and high quality detailing.

Professional Game Experiences:

  • InterWave Studios – Nuclear Dawn – Environment Artist
  • Bioware – Mass Effect 1,2 – Environment Modeller
  • Bioware – Dragon Age Character Artist
  • Bethesda – Fallout 3 – Character Artist
  • Bethesda – Oblivion – Character Artist
  • Bethesda – Rogue Warrior – Environment Artist
  • Flag Ship Studios – Hellgate: London – Character Artist
  • Gearbox Software – Aliens – Environment Artist
  • Gearbox Software – Brothers in Arms: Hell’s highway – Environment Artist
  • Monolith – Condemned – Environment Artist
  • Blue Omega – Damnation Environment Artist
  • Relic Entertainment – The Outfit Environmnet Artist
  • Chemistry – TEAW - Character Artist
  • Cryptic Studios – City of Villians – Environmnet Artist
  • Egosoft – X3 Reunion – Material Artist
  • Mad Doc Software – Swat – Environment Tasks

Technical skills:

  • 3DS Max
  • ZBrush
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Mari
  • UV Layout
  • xNormal


Igor Raffaele
General Manager – InterWave Studios

Martin is a conscientious, dependable modeler who always strives to deliver the highest quality possible work in the assigned timeframe. We could always take his work in-engine with minimal or no modifications, and he was a pleasure to work with.

Tony Clark
Art Manager at Liquid Development

“I had the pleasure of working with Martin early on during my career at Liquid Development, at a time when generating normal maps from high poly models was just starting to become a standard practice for environment artists. Martin stood out to me as having a natural ability to create very clean hard surface models that both matched concept art, and were built intelligently to produce great results in the baking process.”


  • Zbrush Lecture – Prague 2006, 2007, 2008